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Yes to climate action – No to the car lobby
Mobility transition now!


Large protest and bike rally at the IAA in Munich on 11 September 2021


Green paint for climate-damaging cars? Just ahead of the Bundestag elections, the car lobby wants to give itself a fresh coat of paint at the International Motor Show (IAA). But it can’t hide the rust: Despite its sustainable image, the IAA is still business as usual. Instead of developing sustainable business models, carmakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler continue to make most of their money with heavy combustion engines, further fueling climate change.

That must change: Thousands of people are coming together at the IAA in Munich to protest against the car lobby – because, for 30 years, it has prevented any significant decrease in CO2 emissions from vehicles. Our protest is a clear call to action: The new German government must finally make climate action a priority, bring about a real mobility transition, and prevent car companies from jeopardizing the future of generations to come.
We have long been fed up with the endless sea of cars and are now calling for playgrounds instead of parking lots, bike lanes instead of new highways, and a federal mobility law that focuses on people instead of cars. We want room for pedestrians and safe streets without traffic deaths, car-free city centers, and more buses and trains in urban and rural areas – affordable and accessible to all. It’s the end of the road for polluters and gas guzzlers with combustion engines – any cars still needed will have to be electric and shared. We need motors that conserve resources – and not false solutions such as plug-in hybrids, e-fuels, and big, heavy e-SUVs. We must reduce car traffic and introduce good alternatives if we want to stay within the 1.5-degree limit.

To achieve that we call for:

    • A fair distribution of public space that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport.  
    • Efficient and affordable public transport, accessible to all, at all times
    • A 50% decrease in cars on the roads and climate-neutral mobility by 2035
    • An immediate phase-out of internal combustion engines, no plug-in hybrids, and no heavy e-SUVs
    • An immediate stop to the planning and construction of new motorways and roads
    • A general speed limit of 120 km/h on motorways, 80 km/h outside built-up areas, and 30 km/h in built-up areas

Together with thousands of people, we will converge on the IAA and show what the mobility transition looks like: fewer cars and better mobility – less traffic and more climate protection. Come join the protest in Munich on 11 September 2021!

Bycicle star ride

From the whole surrounding area - from Augsburg, Rosenheim and many other places - we cycle on 17 routes to the joint rally.

Protest march

Even without bikes, we travel from all over Germany by bus and train to the demonstration. Our protest march will unite with the bicycle star ride in Munich.

Kidical Ride

With a family-friendly bike demo, children demonstrate with their parents on bicycles. Whether in a trailer or on their own bike - even the youngest are welcome!


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